Wednesday, September 22, 2010


to all those who read my last entry i want to apologize. My host family is absolutely amazing. Chesten takes me out on his scooter, my host mom tries to teach me English, my host sister in law is always asking if I'm okay, an my host dad always asks if i'm Bord. they are wonderful people who work hard and as a result produces bags for the grand hotel in Taipei one of nicest hotels in the world. Schools not to bad either, at first i was very frustrating but once you just go with the flow its okay. i have 4 really good exchange friends who understand what I'm going through and are so funny. my rotary clubs nice and have taken me on a tour of northern Taipei. i have it really good here and in wouldn't change it for the world. why I am calling this entry Formosa is that when the Portuguese sailors first came to Taiwan they said Formosa and it means " beautiful island " in English

Taiwan really is Formosa

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