Monday, August 23, 2010

My first days in taiwan.

Okay. the past that everyone has been waiting for. the posts before it were basically be telling myself to calm done and do it so i wouldn't completely freak out. Alright i should probably start at the beginning. after waking up at about 8 ish by my mom i knew the day has come. i got all my things ready and me and my parents took one final picture together taking by my moms friend auntie sherry. then it off to the airport. the day was pretty bleak actually. it was still smokey from the forest fires coming from BC and it could have been better. anyways i get to the airport and my moms gets me french toast. very tasty :) and then we talked about my trip. what to do, what not to do. then we meet Larry my outbound consular and his very nice wife ( i cant remember her name) so after that's done its time i go to the security gate. its was actually kind of weird because i didn't cry at all. basically i hugged my mom, dad, Larry and his wife and i was off. i really happy my mom didn't cry as well because i don't think i could have left if she did. anyways i walk through security and then to my gate and then i meet Devi. his carry on was twice as big and he was carrying his sax as well (yikes). so after we get tons of food and magazines we wait and talk about everything. I'm really lucky me and Devin traveled together because with him the flight was great. basically we talked for the beginning and watched movies in the middle and then talked again in the end. basically what i did was read seventeen, intouch, watched a documentary about crazy cat ladies, red more of my magazine, watched hotube time machine, then tyred to watch the Joneses, then watched Bridget Joneses diary and then up in the air. after all that we finally land in Tokyo airport but then this is when things go south. when we were in the plane Devin and i were talking about how aswome japan airport would be cause we would eat Japanese food and go shopping and then we would have tones of fun. this was not the case. when we got there it was hot and we had to wait in line for a good couple of minuets. then we went through security and meet this family who traveled a lot and had kids that went to international schools. pretty cool, so after that's done we then try and find all of gates i found mine right away but it was delayed by 50 min. then i tried looking for Devin's and we both tried like 4 times but it didn't work so he had to walk around for like 40 min. trying to find it. we finally went on this shuttle bus that took us to the second terminal and we had to say good bye. now it was my turn and i had to ask about 3 people until i was finally able to find the terminal. then i wanted to phone my host family to tell them i would be late. i wasn't able to figure out the pay phone so i was finally able to use this Lady's phone and i was able to call him but then my host Dad couldn't understand what i was saying so he gave me another number but i wasn't able to call it, now was thinking that because my plane was 50 min late that they might leave the air port wondering where i am so i was kind of freaking out and crying. so when i got on the plane going to Taipei i was in a really bad mood. i was also pretty tired so i tried to sleep but that hard on one hand. so the flight i was very unhappy one . then the plane landed and i had to go through security and then immigrations. now there like these little cards that i had to fill out and i keeped messing them up so i was really upset and when i finally got through i had to find my bags and luckily i did because they were about to be taking away. so after all that i meet my club and they were so nice. it was great because finally i knew people. i lost my flight ticket but i was luckely the police were able to find it again and after meeting all the people in the club and taking pictures we were driving home. now everyone told me Taiwan would be hot but i honestly had no idea. when i got outside i honestly though some one had turned up the heater or something. i couldn't believe that it could be this hot. but luckily me Andy, chest en, Tammy, and i be live her sister drove all the way back home. Taiwan looks amazing. there tones of trees everywhere and the signs are really pretty. not to mention that there are a Lot of scooters. there tones everywhere. so after we drooped Tammy and her friend off we all went back to my new home. its was hot again as we got out side and then hotter in the elevator and then we finally got into the apartment. it actually very nice its really tall and open with tiles. i was shown my room which was also very nice. they bought me something to eat but by this point i was so tired that i had to go to bed. i said good night and i crashed. now the beds in Taiwan are actually quite hard but at the same time very comfy (?). now i have a really big host family so it includes grandma, mom, dad, two older host brothers, two younger host siblings, and the older host brothers kids, (2 each) so this is a really big family family. I'm living with the two older host brothers ( Andy and chest en), Andy's wife, and Andy's 2 kids. so Any's waked me up and when he drops me of at this girls house and asks to call him if i need a pickup. so i go up to her apartment and i meet a German exchange student and we all start hanging out. afterwards her moms drives ups over to this amazing water park. we bye tickets and then we meet her friend Julie and two other former exchange students. the belguiam that went to finland and the american that went to italy. now i forgot to bring an swim sute so i had to browwow julies top and buy swim shorts. it was still very fun and i had a great time. we did everythig and we really had a great view of taiwan. after a very long and happy day we deciced to to the shilian night market. it took a bus, and train to get there but it was amazing its 20 blocks of food and shopping and there were people everwhere and it was cool. after awhile i relized that i had to go back so this girls i meet penny and amber helped me get to the stations and this is when i was the only white person in taiwan. Like it soinds werid but because i'm so use to seeing everyone in calgary, its weird being the only white person. anyways afterwards i got off and walked out i saw my host bro chesten and his scooter. OMG its was so much fun. it was my first time and it was aswome. scottering is like the best way to see taiwan. he had to stop at one grocery store and two 7 11 to find milk but we did and finally we were home. basically he showed me around the house, told me the rules and i asked him the first night questions. afterwards i asked him about taiwan and he asked me about calgary and it was really cool. so after all that it was finally time to go to bed. I typing all this at there company computer. its been a crazy two days and i'm loving it. i would not have picked a better host family. i also have planes with my family for dinner on friday and with nicole my 2nd host family sister, sees going off to mosurri, USA, to go of to yulin. :)

i love taiwan i dont know when i'll write next but soon

see ya latter ;)

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