Friday, August 20, 2010

the day before i leave

finally, after 9 months of waiting i am finally going to Taiwan. through all the interviews, rotary meeting, visa applications, doctors appointments, buss rides across the city, and more it finally here. its so weird when something you've been dreaming about for so long and has spent countless hours working to get it is so close that its only 12 hrs away. i cant really sleep right know so instead I'm going to write. packing for me was surprisingly easy. basically i have 2 of everything and 2 medium sized gym bad style suet cases. they really nice because they have lots of compartments. It so weird that by Monday I'll be in Taiwan. I mean think about, if i wasn't going to Taiwan Monday would most likely include sitting at home, watering plants, and eating fruit loops. Instead I'll be doing something so amazing wonderful that my brain cant even contemplate doing it. today was pretty uneventful, basically i got at 4:45 with my dad to drive my brother Sean to the airport so he could go fly off to Montreal. hes doing this skate boarding competition that includes all the best skaters form all over Canada. Sean representing Alberta :)
after that i went on facebook and told them my good byes. it sucks because i have to give em up for a year and i reallied how much I'm truly going to miss them. then i went back to bed and woke up at 11:40 because one of my good Friends, brooks came to visit, basically he wanted to know if i would donate money for a missions trip to Uganda, pretty cool right. didn't have anything on me so i had to say no but we talked more and i practiced my Chinese on him because just as we were talking i book arrived for me from my dad that had 2000 phrases in Chinese that i needed to know. After brooks left, i went and watched a vampire documentary, ( last TV show i watched) and then i asked my moms friends sherry if she could drive me to London drugs so that i could photo copy somethings as well as get pictures. afterwards it was on to Starbucks and then we went back home. Mom can back and we ordered pizza ( last time I'll be having pizza in Calgary) and then we rented DATE NIGHT and GUNLESS ( very funny movies) and then we said good night. that's how my last day in Calgary went. Not very exciting but was a good day for wrapping up loose ends. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but the whole exchange is like jumping of a Cliff. you spent all this effort into going up higher and higher and there plenty of times that you've gotten scared and could have turned back but you don't. then you finally reach the top and it the final moment. You can run back down and wonder what would have been or you can just say, "what have i got to loose?" jump off the cleft and find out. I'm choosing to Jump.

in a couple of days the real fun begins ;)

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