Thursday, August 26, 2010

day 4 in taiwan

WOW. three simple letters can describe Taiwan. they say new york is the city that never sleeps. there wrong. Taipei never sleeps i mean there are 24 hrs store everywhere and there all with in waking distance. its absolutely amazing and there so much food. everywhere from high class restaurants to places where you sit on buckets and eat. its absolutely amazing. man, to all who are thinking of doing exchange DO IT. don't think about. maybe Taiwan and i are in the honeymoon part of our relationship but I'm lovin it. Now where we last left off i was at my host family company. and know i still am. basically my host family owns there own company and they make the bags you sell pencils and gifts in but its pretty cool. everyone works in it and because andy has two kids the other people and there mom look after them. its really nice. so after work my brothers had dinner with the family. before that chesten showed me the roof of the house and it was beyond words but i'll try. the sky was a blue purple colour and the moon was full and there was a wind and it was pointed to the banana trees and the mountains. i wish i had taken a picture because it was so beautiful. it was a moment that you dint forget. Back to dinner, the food was great, alot of seafood! chesten couldn't stay so i hung out with the family and it was pretty cool. my sisters into video games and graphic novels and my host brother is into the french horn. pretty cool. after watching toy story 2 with the baby, Andy drove us home and i unpacked everything. my shampoo bottle opened so there was red stuff all over my bag but overall not to bad put everything away and Chestern helped reroute my Ip address so i could us e Internet. also my host family gave me a cell phone. SWEET! the next day me and my friend Nicole hung out all day. first Andy dropped me off at her house. then she told me that her mom works at this hair salon and they offered to cut it for free. because there is no photo of me heres what my hair looked liked before. chestnut brown, long with wave in it, and 3 inches of split ends when they were done with me, 3 inches cut of, straitened, and thinner ( my hairs very thick). it actually looks okay now. after that was done she and i meet up with her friends in Taipei and went to this haunted house. its apparently really popular and they were so scared. now it was pretty scary, dark, body parts everywhere, and zombies chasing you but i didn't scream once. it was actually pretty scary actually, its was dark, had body parts everywhere, people baning on doors, and zombies chasing you but i didn't scream once. anyways it was still really fun. so afterwards her friends jenny and, so and so parted. then Nichole and i went to this chocolate exhibit and it had everything made of chocolate. there was the great wall, purses, Chinese artifacts, ect. after that was done, we then went to doushung. its at the end of the mrt (train) and its amazing. its a boardwalk right infront of the ocean and theres freak shows, food, places to buy clothes, everything. it was awesome. now i have to owe it to Nichole. shes awesome because half way through our day i was broke. i had nothing and she paid for me. i totally owe fer a care package for the plane. back to my day, after the boardwalk, we took the bus back to Taipei main station and then took a bus and walked all the way to this movie theater where her sister friends friends got us free movie tickets. here where things get crazy, so we go in and apparently this really famous is coming to see the premiere and i have no idea who he is. so then we get to the waiting area and there all these cameras and stuff so she gives me hers and ask es if i can take a picture. of course i say yes so the this lady comes and says, " come on in so every ones running so i start and now I'm in the movie theater and every ones setting up there cameras, i decided that this is where this guy is coming so i take my position. 20 min. latter everyone starts coming in and taking there sits and 10 min after that the guy comes, i try and take a couple of photos of him to give to her. the photos are really crappy and blurry so that suck but i sneaked into where the press take there photos of celebrities and toke a couple. wont be doing that anytime soon. ;) so i find Nichole and turns out where in the wrong seats so we go to the front of the theater and watch the film. its a Chinese film but it had English subtitles and it was hilarious. afterwards we catch the bus and wake back to her place. on the way he talked to her English school kindergarten teacher and she gave us sesame street pencil cases. finally we got back to her place, chesten picked me up on his scooter and got home. i LOVE tAIWAN

talk to ya soon :)

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  1. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~