Sunday, August 1, 2010

3 weeks before i go

Okay, I'm freaked out because I'm 3 weeks away from leaving for Taiwan because it has hit me. I am leaving in three weeks, flying all across the pacific ocean and going to live in a strange country. its crazy but I've just realized that I'm going to leave my family for a year. its scary. luckily though i read Andrea Barr blog and i realized that she was feeling the same thing. it was cool and its has put things in perspective for me. i have wanted to do this since grade 10 and I'm not going to back down. sure I'm going to miss my parents probably for a month when i get there but this is the chance of a life time and if i don't do it then it will become one of those things that i would look back and wonder " what if ?". its so cool because now i feel a lot better about it then when i started writing this. blogs are actually really cool :)

PS. think about it, if we always ran away when were scared then nothing would get done.

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