Friday, August 6, 2010

2 weeks before i go

okay all my lovely followers time to talk. So I'm 2 weeks away from leaving for Taiwan and i am SO EXCITED. I guess i was really freaked out because i kind of forgot why i wanted to go. I've realized that this crazy thing I'm doing is a once in a life time experience. I mean think about it, when we grow up and have carers and families, we wont be able to go for a year to live in a different country. it would be almost impossible. Although its going to be tough leaving everything behind, I know that looking back on this, I will not regret it. anyways, get:ting all that out of the way I am hoping that I'll be getting my visa/ passport/tickets soon. I just finished talking to vishesh and I've just realized that all the exchange students have gone home. its so weired thinking that they've all gone home. I really wished i had hung out with them more but there's always 2014 Brazil. :) i wonder hows Devin doing?

anyways i have nothing to talk about know so see you latter

have fun ;)

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