Saturday, July 24, 2010

one month before i leave for taiwan

its hard to believe that now i only have a month before i go. its weird because I'm excited and cant wait to go but now its dawned on me that in a month i wont have my parents or friends where I'm going. I'll be diving head first in to a culture that's completely different from my own. like for a while I've been thinking of my exchange as something in the future but now that future is a month away. its scary. But i bet every exchange student has felt this way before so its nothing uncommon. luckily for me that Devin, a boy from red deer is going to the same place and because we have to arrive there at the same time that hopefully that we'll catch the same plane together. it'll be nice talking to each other for 18 hrs. Man, sometimes i wonder what the hell I'm doing. I'm crazy for doing this but at lest there's 35 other kids from around the world that are as loopy as I am. no word on any visa/plane ticket stuff but hopefully it will be coming in soon. its nice hearing about all the other outbounds and how there doing. like some people are only a week away and are having difficulties packing there suite cases. it really is insane that were all doing this but every exchange student I've talked to even the one with not so pleasant exchanges have never regretted doing is so here i go.

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