Saturday, July 24, 2010

one month before i leave for taiwan

its hard to believe that now i only have a month before i go. its weird because I'm excited and cant wait to go but now its dawned on me that in a month i wont have my parents or friends where I'm going. I'll be diving head first in to a culture that's completely different from my own. like for a while I've been thinking of my exchange as something in the future but now that future is a month away. its scary. But i bet every exchange student has felt this way before so its nothing uncommon. luckily for me that Devin, a boy from red deer is going to the same place and because we have to arrive there at the same time that hopefully that we'll catch the same plane together. it'll be nice talking to each other for 18 hrs. Man, sometimes i wonder what the hell I'm doing. I'm crazy for doing this but at lest there's 35 other kids from around the world that are as loopy as I am. no word on any visa/plane ticket stuff but hopefully it will be coming in soon. its nice hearing about all the other outbounds and how there doing. like some people are only a week away and are having difficulties packing there suite cases. it really is insane that were all doing this but every exchange student I've talked to even the one with not so pleasant exchanges have never regretted doing is so here i go.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hi again. WOW i read the blog i just wrote and my spelling sucks. to all those who are reading this, my spelling Sucks thy to ignore it . anyways just wanted to clear that up and I'm done for tonight because i really have nothing else to tell you about.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

My first entry july 18, 2010

well Hi. I've never ever done a blog before so this is really cool. Man, where to begin. okay my name is Robyn heather, the coolest person you'll ever meet ( kidding) and this blog is about my exchange year in Taiwan. Now, I'm not in Taiwan yet but I'll be leaving in about a month,(Aug 21-22). Anyways, the reason I'm telling you all about this is that i want to tell the people that are most closest to me as well as anyone else who is interested about mt experience over there. I guess i should start with the basics. My name is once again Robyn Heather and I'm 16 soon to be 17 and live in Calgary Alberta. Now that all the boring stuff is taken care of, lets start at why I doing this. What would drive me to travel to the other side of the world, live with complete strangers and go to a school that little to know one speaks my language. To answer this lets go back to the beginning of high school, grade 10. I go to Diefenbaker High school, Population 1572 students. Its small, very crowded, and you Petty much blend in to everyone else. Now the school itself isn't a bad school, average drug problems, little to know violence, no bullying ( there so many people that we really don't care what other people are doing). In fact we have an IB program and that why so Any people wan to come here. I had friends that i would hang out with and i did try and get involved with the drama production in grade 11 as well as leadership in grade 10 but they didn't work out. By the middle of grade 10 i was frustrated about school and my life in general. this was because i was so painfully average, i was just one mid less zombie among thousands in high school all over Calgary. We all get up at the same time, we would all take the same buses to get to school, we would all take about the same thing, we would all do the same courses more or less, we would all have something similar to eat for lunch, we would all get of school at the same time, get home about the same time, do home work at the same time, and we all go to bed and start the same pattern over, and over again. As i was walking home one day it thought, " was this it? was i just going to graduate high school with average marks and do the same thing in University or could i do something different?, " This got me thinking and then it came to me. Exchange Student. It was the perfect solution, i would go to another country, learn a new language and meet cool people. Now I didn't know where to go so i decided to go google it but i didn't really find anything. so I went to the student office and the lady told me about Rotary. Now if anyone doesn't know about the Rotary club its a service club that supports local and global causes. its been around for a while and there clubs all over Canada. Anyways, i just missed the meeting that they had to get all the forms so i decided i would do it next year. the months came and went and i started to get cold feet but after a year i still wanted to go and in October of Grade 11 i went to the meeting and realized that i totally wanted to go. i got my forms done last minutes and my interview and when they phoned me and tolled me that i was there first candidate, it was the happiest I've been for a really long time. so after that i meet the other inbounds, ( the kids that came to Canada) as well as the other outbounds (kids that are leaving Canada). its really cool meeting others that are and were as crazy as i am. unfortunately because I've been busy with school as well as Chinese classes that I've not been going to the Monday rotary meeting so that sucks. so that's why i decided to do this. this has bin really long entry so I'm done writing for now. TTFN